Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ironically, the best song on this album, Magic is just one of the fantastic Ben Folds songs that have been arranged for a cappella groups (not all by Ben btw...he only arranged 2 himself!!). Ben Folds is a genius. Everyone knows this right? well, this time he's absolutely outdone himself. He has gone around to different universities and he has actually recorded these singing groups/choirs singing his songs in ..amazingly gorgeous ways.

I may be partial to this style of music.. after all I have been in choir for...well over half of my life, but i think anyone can appreciate this cd- especially Ben's fans.

back to Magic. I have never EVER ever in my life heard such a hauntingly beautiful arrangement ....not even from the kings singers ( sorry guys..ben wins) the harmony is tight..the voices blend soo well, and the soloists are of course fantastic and perfect for this song. (Mad props to the basses!!)
Its stuff like this that makes me proud to be a musician.

back to the cd in its entirety. it covers multiple styles of a cappella singing, theres even a song that has a "spiritualesque" style..with a little beat boxing..its fantastic!

is this cd perfect? no. are the singers always right- on? of course not. are all the arangement "magical "( yes again with magic....) no.. but as a whole its soooo amazing

(and i dont know who Chris Rishel..but holy CRAP can you arrange!)

LISTEN TO THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*disclaimer*-I have not actually read everything about this cd so ...there may in fact be some false statements in this post..I have glanced over the link above..I plan on reading the articles later...but I'm hungry so i dont have time now ;)

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